crafts for moms and kids

Crafts for Moms and Kids

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Creative and Colorful Spring Crafts for Moms and Kids

Welcome to my little Crafting Corner – your go-to spot for all things creative and family-filled! I’m so thrilled you stopped by because, honestly, who doesn’t love a bit of crafting magic?

Picture this: cups of your favorite tea, a comfy spot to sit, and a whole bunch of crafty goodness waiting for you. Spring is knocking on the door, and I have just the thing to make it extra special – DIY crafts that are easy, fun, and made for moms and kids like you.

So, grab a seat, get ready to laugh, and embark on a crafting journey about creating memories, sharing love, and having a blast together.

Whether you’re a crafting pro or a total newbie, our Crafting Corner is here to be your springtime inspiration. Let’s jump in and make some beautiful things together.

Crafts for Moms and Kids

DIY Crafts for Moms and Kids

Craft 1: Blooming Handprint Flowers


  • Washable paint in various spring colors
  • Paintbrushes
  • White paper or cardstock
  • Small pots or vases (optional)


  • Pour small amounts of different colored paints onto a palette.
  • Paint each child’s hand with a different color and press onto the paper to create handprint flowers.
  • Allow the handprints to dry completely.
  • Cut out the handprints and arrange them in small pots or vases for a vibrant display. (or glue them to a paper vase)

Craft 2: Bunny Ear Headbands for Moms and Kids


  • Colored felt sheets
  • Headbands
  • Glue gun or strong craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Pom-poms and googly eyes for decoration


  • Cut bunny ear shapes from the colored felt sheets.
  • Attach the bunny ears to the headbands using a glue gun or craft glue.
  • Decorate the bunny ears with pom-poms and googly eyes for added charm.
  • Let the headbands dry before wearing them for a fun, matching accessory.

Craft 3: DIY Birdhouse Painting

Supply List:

  • Unpainted wooden birdhouses
  • Acrylic paint in various colors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Outdoor sealant (optional)
  • ephemera (flowers or tiny figures)


  • Paint the wooden birdhouses in vibrant spring colors.
  • Add decorative details such as flowers or polka dots.
  • Allow the paint to dry completely.
  • Optionally, apply outdoor sealant for durability if placing the birdhouses outside.

Craft 4: Springtime Sensory Jars


  • Empty clear jars with lids
  • Colored rice or lentils
  • Small plastic flowers
  • Aromatic herbs or essential oils
  • Small textured items (e.g., buttons, beads)


  • Fill each jar with layers of colored rice or lentils.
  • Add small plastic flowers, aromatic herbs, or a few drops of essential oil for fragrance.
  • Include textured items for sensory exploration.
  • Seal the jars tightly, let your child shake, and explore the sensory delights.

Craft 5: Upcycled Spring Planters


  • Empty tin cans or glass jars
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Potting soil
  • Small plants or herbs


  • Clean and paint tin cans or glass jars with acrylic paint.
  • Allow the paint to dry completely.
  • Fill the containers with potting soil and plant small flowers or herbs.
  • Display your upcycled planters for a charming touch of spring.

Craft 6: Butterfly Paper Plate Puppets


  • Paper plates
  • Colored markers
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Googly eyes
  • Craft glue
  • Popsicle sticks


  • Decorate paper plates with colorful designs using markers.
  • Attach googly eyes and pipe cleaners to create butterfly antennae.
  • Glue a popsicle stick to the back of each paper plate to make a puppet handle.
  • Encourage imaginative play by fluttering your butterfly puppets around.

Enjoy these seasonal DIY crafts for moms and kids, creating not just beautiful projects but also cherished family moments. Embrace the joy of crafting together and celebrate the wonders of spring with these delightful creations!

Now, as we wrap up our crafting adventure, I want to leave you with this warm feeling of accomplishment and the sweet anticipation of many more creative moments to come. Remember, it’s not just about the final masterpiece; it’s about the journey, the shared giggles, and the joy of creating something special as a family.

So, as you display your handprint flowers or proudly wear those bunny ear headbands, let those moments be a reminder of the love and connection woven into each craft.

But hey, our Crafting Corner doesn’t end here! I’d love for you to stay connected with me. Follow along on my social media accounts for sneak peeks into upcoming projects, behind-the-scenes fun, and a community of like-minded moms. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button on the blog, so you never miss out on the latest DIY adventures and tips for crafting with your little ones. Let’s keep the creativity flowing and the smiles glowing – until next time, happy crafting! 🌸✨

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