Crafty Wins Weekly: Discover, Enter, and Enjoy

Welcome, friends, to the very first post in our “Crafty Wins” series! I’m so excited to begin this journey with you, where each week, we’ll discover some of the most delightful giveaways that are sure to add a little sparkle to your life as a homemaker and crafter. While we’ll cover a wide array of prizes in this series, from cozy home goods to creative craft supplies and fun educational toys for our homeschooling adventures, this week we’re starting with something everyone loves: cash and gift cards (and just a few household items).

Who doesn’t appreciate the flexibility of a cash prize or the joy of shopping with a gift card? Whether it’s funding that special home project you’ve been dreaming about, buying supplies for your next crafting session, or simply treating yourself and your family, these prizes offer the wonderful opportunity to choose exactly what you desire. In today’s post, I’ll guide you through some exciting giveaways that are perfect for enhancing your homemaking, crafting, or educational endeavors.

So, grab your favorite mug of coffee or tea, settle in, and let’s dive into these fabulous opportunities. And remember, this is just the beginning! I look forward to sharing a diverse range of fun and useful items in our upcoming posts. Stay tuned and let’s make each week a little more special together!

Crafty Wins Weekly 1

The Giveaways   Spa Day for Mom Giveaway May 13, 2024   Get out and Play Giveaway  ends May 15 2024  Spring it Forward $5k giveaway  ends May 16 2024 @ 8:59 am  Summer Fun Season  Multiple Giveaways throughout the summer  Play together Win together  ends May 19 2024  Tastykake Garfield   Kitchen In The Box Stand Mixer Giveaway ends 5/20    VIZIO 40-Inch TV Giveaway ends 5/20  GoPro Hero 9 Giveaway ends 6/3  Bissel Handheld Vacuum Giveaway ends 6/10  The Sweepstakes Advantage x Steamy Kitchen Instant Win  Treat Yourself Giveaway 5/16  Stonemill Kitchens Giveaway ends 5/24  Cuisinart Cookware Set Giveaway ends 5/31   Avid Armor Ultra Series ONE Chamber Vacuum Sealer ends 5/18   Amazon $100 Gift Card Giveaway

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Until Next Time on Crafty Wins Weekly

Thank you so much for joining me in our first foray into “Crafty Wins”! I hope you found these opportunities as exciting as I did, and perhaps you’re even feeling a bit inspired to enter and win. 

Remember, each week will bring new treasures and chances to make your homemaking, crafting, and homeschooling even more joyful and fulfilling.

I can’t wait to see what next week holds for us—more surprises, more fun, and more fantastic giveaways to explore together. Until then, happy entering, and may luck be on your side!

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Crafty Wins Weekly

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