Homeschooling Made Easy: Must-Have Supplies for a Smooth Year

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As summer comes to a close, it’s time for many moms to start thinking about the upcoming school year. Whether your kids are returning to a traditional classroom or continuing their homeschooling journey, having the right supplies is crucial for a smooth and successful year.

In this first post of our back-to-school series, we’ll focus on the essential supplies every homeschooling family needs, along with a few extras to make learning at home even more enjoyable and efficient.

1. Basic School Supplies:

Just like in a traditional school setting, homeschoolers need various basic supplies. 

Here is a list to get you started:

Notebooks and Binders: Keep everything organized with subject-specific notebooks or binders. Consider color-coding by subject for easy identification.

Writing Instruments: Stock up on pencils, pens, highlighters, and markers. Mechanical pencils are a great option for older kids.

Homeschooling Made Easy highlighters

Paper: Lined paper, graph paper, and printer paper are all useful for different subjects and projects.

Art Supplies: Crayons, colored pencils, markers, watercolor paints, tempera paints, and a good set of brushes. Don’t forget the drawing paper and sketchbooks!

Homeschooling Made Easy crayons

Homeschooling Made Easy watercolor paints

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Glue and Scissors: Crafting and hands-on projects require a reliable pair of scissors and plenty of glue sticks or bottles.

Homeschooling Made Easy glue
Homeschooling Made Easy scissors

Rulers and Protractors: Essential for math and science lessons.

Erasers and Correction Tape: Mistakes happen, and having these on hand makes corrections easy.

2. Organizational Tools:

Staying organized is key to a productive homeschool environment.

Consider adding these to your supply list:

Planner or Calendar: Keep track of assignments, activities, and deadlines. A family wall calendar can help everyone stay on the same page. This Homeschool Planner is only $40 right now!!!

Homeschooling Made Easy planners

Here is a link for a planner for moms as well. We all know we need organizational help too!

Storage Solutions: Bins, trays, and shelves to keep supplies tidy and accessible.

Label Maker: For labeling supplies, bins, and folders, which helps maintain order and saves time.

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Homeschooling Made Easy label maker

Personalized Labels: For specific children’s supplies, these can be fun and interesting

3. Technology:

Integrating technology can enhance the homeschooling experience.

Here are some tech tools to consider:

Computer or Tablet: Essential for accessing online resources, educational software, and virtual classes.

Printer and Scanner: Useful for printing worksheets, assignments, and scanning completed work.

Educational Apps and Software: Programs like Khan Academy, Duolingo, and educational games can make learning interactive and fun.

4. Textbooks and Workbooks:

A good curriculum is the backbone of any homeschool program.

Depending on your child’s grade and learning style, you might need:

Core Textbooks: For subjects like math, science, history, and language arts.

Supplemental Workbooks: To provide extra practice and reinforce concepts.

Reading Books: A mix of fiction and non-fiction books that align with your curriculum.

5. Specialized Homeschooling Supplies:

To make homeschooling more efficient and enjoyable, consider these additional items:

Whiteboard and Markers: Great for teaching, brainstorming, and working out problems.

Homeschooling Made Easy whiteboard

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Educational Kits: Science kits, art kits, and other hands-on learning tools can make lessons more engaging. (Click the images to see more information.)

Homeschooling Made Easy zoo box
My ZOO Box
The Landmark Kids
Homeschooling Made Easy craft box
We Craft Box

Maps and Globes: Useful for geography lessons and understanding world events.

Learning Games and Puzzles: These can make learning fun and help reinforce concepts in a playful way.

Comfortable Furniture: A good desk, chair, and adequate lighting are important for creating a conducive learning environment.

6. Fun and Practical Extras:

Add a little fun and comfort to your homeschooling setup with these items:

Educational Posters and Charts: Visual aids can help with learning and make your space more colorful.

Reward System: Stickers, certificates, or a small prize box can motivate and reward your children’s efforts.

Outdoor Gear: Items like magnifying glasses, binoculars, and field guides for nature-based learning activities.

Final Tips:

Involve Your Kids: Let them help choose supplies and set up their learning space. This can increase their excitement and investment in homeschooling.

Budget Wisely: Look for sales, use coupons, and consider buying in bulk for frequently used items.

Stay Flexible: Every homeschool journey is unique. Be prepared to adjust your supplies and approach as needed to fit your family’s needs.

I have created a checklist to go along with this post. If you would like to receive the free “Back-to-School Supply Checklist for Homeschoolers” subscribe to my e-mail list and it will be sent to you.

In our next post, we’ll explore creative ways to set up your homeschooling space to make it both functional and inspiring.

Stay tuned, and happy back-to-school shopping!

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