Wardrobe Checklist for Moms

Hey fellow moms! As the flowers start to bloom and the birds chirp merrily, it’s time to breathe new life into our homes, and what better way to begin than with our closets? Spring cleaning isn’t just about decluttering the living room or scrubbing the kitchen; it’s also the perfect opportunity to refresh our wardrobes. Join me on this journey as we delve into each section of our closets – from tops to shoes – and rejuvenate our spring style.

(I am including plus size options as well.)

The Ultimate Spring Wardrobe Checklist for Moms

Section 1: Tops- Wardrobe Checklist for Moms

Let’s kick off our spring wardrobe overhaul with the heart of any outfit – tops. As busy moms, we often find ourselves stuck in a routine of reaching for the same few comfortable shirts. It’s time to break free from the fashion monotony. Start by assessing your collection of tops and consider adding these three essential pieces:

Breathable Blouses: Spring is all about embracing the gentle breeze and warmth. Invest in a couple of light, breathable blouses. Opt for pastel shades or floral prints to channel the season’s vibes. These versatile pieces can be effortlessly paired with jeans for a casual day out or tucked into a skirt for a more polished look.

When you click the image (affiliate link) it will take you to an entire page of blouses, this is my favorite one.

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 1

When you click the image (affiliate link) it will take you to an entire page of plus-size blouses, this is my favorite one.

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 2

Statement Tee: Every mom needs that one statement tee that effortlessly adds a touch of personality to any ensemble. Look for a tee with a fun graphic or a motivational quote that resonates with you. Not only will it elevate your mood, but it’ll also make a casual outfit stand out.

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 3
Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 4

Classic Denim Shirt: A classic denim shirt is a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Whether worn as a layer or on its own, it adds a laid-back charm. Knot it at the waist for a trendy look or layer it over a dress for those unpredictable spring evenings.

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 5
Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 6

Tips for the Wardrobe Checklist for Moms:

Color Palette: Consider incorporating a fresh color palette into your tops. Think about soft pastels, earthy tones, and pops of vibrant colors to celebrate the season.

Mix and Match: Experiment with different combinations to create new outfits. Sometimes, all it takes is pairing an old favorite with something you haven’t worn in a while to discover a refreshing look.

Section 2: Bottoms (Shorts, Skirts, and Capris)– Wardrobe Checklist for Moms

Now that our tops are sorted, let’s move down to the second half of our outfits – bottoms. Spring calls for a blend of comfort and style, so let’s explore a few key pieces to enhance this section:

Versatile Denim Shorts: Invest in a pair of versatile denim shorts that can take you from running errands to a casual brunch with friends. Choose a length that suits your comfort level, and don’t shy away from distressed or embroidered details for an extra dash of flair.

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 7

I have chosen the shorts below because they are my style. If you click the image (affiliate link) it will take you to an entire page of plus-size denim shorts where you can find your style.

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 8

Flowy Midi Skirt: A flowy midi skirt is a springtime essential. Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton or linen and choose a floral or geometric print to embrace the season. Pair it with a tucked-in blouse or a fitted tee for an effortlessly chic look.

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 9
Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 10

Comfy Capri Pants: Capri pants strike the perfect balance between shorts and full-length trousers. Opt for a neutral shade that complements your spring tops. These are ideal for those days when you want to keep it casual yet polished.

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 11
Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 12


Fit Matters: Ensure that your bottoms fit well and flatter your body shape. Comfort is key, but a well-fitted piece can enhance your overall look.

Pattern Play: Don’t be afraid to play with patterns. Mix and match patterns for a bold, fashionable statement. Stripes with florals or polka dots with solids – the options are endless.

Section 3: Light Jackets

As we transition into spring, unpredictable weather calls for versatile outerwear. Let’s explore some light jackets that can elevate your outfits while keeping you prepared for those breezy evenings:

Utility Jacket: A utility jacket is a wardrobe workhorse. Its lightweight design makes it perfect for spring, and the multiple pockets add a touch of functionality. Throw it over a dress or pair it with jeans for a casual, on-the-go look.

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 13
Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 14

Denim Jacket: A classic denim jacket is a timeless piece that never goes out of style. Its versatility lets you layer it over almost anything, from dresses to tees. Choose a light wash or fun print (like florals) for a fresh spring vibe.

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 15
Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 16

Trench Coat: For a more polished and sophisticated look, consider adding a trench coat to your collection. Opt for a neutral shade like beige or khaki to keep it versatile. A trench coat effortlessly elevates any outfit, making it a staple for spring evenings.

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 17
Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 18


Layering Technique: Experiment with different layering techniques. Try draping your jacket over your shoulders for a chic and relaxed vibe.

Color Coordination: Ensure that your jacket complements the color palette of your tops and bottoms. A well-coordinated ensemble creates a more cohesive and put-together appearance.

Section 4: Shoes/Sandals

Our spring cleaning journey wouldn’t be complete without addressing the foundation of our outfits – shoes. Let’s step into the season with footwear that’s not only stylish but also comfortable for those busy mom days:

Canvas Sneakers: A pair of classic canvas sneakers is a must-have for spring. Whether you’re running errands or taking the kids to the park, these shoes offer both comfort and style. Opt for a neutral shade for easy pairing with various outfits.

This would be my choice for a neutral option. If you would rather have a more vibrant pattern, click the image to see an entire page of styles and patterns.

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 19

Slide Sandals: Embrace the warmer weather with a comfortable pair of slide sandals. They’re easy to slip on and off, making them the perfect choice for busy moms on the go. Choose a neutral or metallic color for versatility.

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 20

Ankle Boots: Ankle boots aren’t just for fall and winter. A lightweight pair in a neutral tone can seamlessly transition your wardrobe into spring. Pair them with dresses, skirts, or jeans for a trendy and weather-appropriate look.

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms 21


Comfort First: With our busy mom schedules, comfort is key. Choose shoes that provide adequate support and cushioning for those days when you’re constantly on your feet.

Shoe Care: Give your shoes some love during spring cleaning. Wipe away any dirt, condition leather, and replace worn-out insoles to keep your footwear looking fresh and comfortable.

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms

As we wrap up our spring wardrobe overhaul, take a moment to appreciate the effort you’ve put into revitalizing your closet. Spring cleaning is not just a task; it’s a chance to express yourself through your style and find joy in the process. Remember, fashion is not about following strict rules; it’s about embracing your unique personality and celebrating the beauty of change. So, here’s to a refreshed and fabulous spring wardrobe – because as moms, we deserve to feel great in what we wear every day!

Wardrobe Checklist for Moms

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