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Types of Ephemera to Inspire Your Art Projects

One of the most exciting things about getting involved in arts and crafts projects is experimenting with the different types of materials you can use to create them. If you’re looking for inspiration to get started, here are some of the most popular materials used in creative crafts today.

Fabric scraps

Unused fabric scraps can be used for a number of different crafts, from making new fabric items to creating small sculptures. The process is quite simple; just cut the scrap into the desired size, shape or length and use hot glue or thread to attach it to another surface. You can even make your own felt by cutting pieces of fabric into long strips and rolling them up tightly. The possibilities are endless for amazing art projects!


Button crafts are a fun and easy way to bring a little personality into your next craft project. Button crafts are widely used in many different art and craft projects, from home decor and holiday crafts to jewelry making and more.

art project with buttons

You can make button crafts from just about anything that has the right size hole in it – buttons, bottle tops, wooden disks, teaspoons, spools of thread – pretty much anything!

Just think outside the box when you’re looking for something new to add that extra touch of creativity.

Scrapbook Paper
art project ephemera

Scrapbook paper can add a nice personal touch to your next arts and crafts project. It’s easy to use, comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, and is available from craft stores like Michael’s.

Here are a few tips for using scrapbook paper in your projects
  1. Get creative with it your art projects!
  2. Cut it into shapes. Scrapbook paper can be cut, torn, or otherwise deconstructed and used for all sorts of fun things. You can use a simple heart-shaped punch on thick cardstock to make cute embellishments for your arts and crafts project, like little decorative flags. If you want something a little more detailed or intricate, use stencils with acrylic paint and a brush to apply color in patterned ways that look similar to scrapbooking paper.
  3. Play with its texture. The scrapbook paper isn’t just for people looking for a way to add color and pattern. In addition to standard paper in solid colors, you can also find papers with texture and pattern on one side, adding visual interest and dimensionality. Try using scrapbooking paper as a base or background layer in your next arts and crafts project.
cloth for scrapbooking

Be creative. Scrapbook paper is pretty durable, but you’ll want to do some extra planning if your arts and crafts project involves scissors or cutting and folding. You can use different sheets of scrapbook paper together, or try cutting it with a rotary cutter—just make sure that you don’t cut through multiple sheets at once.

Envelope Clippings

This creative idea for using envelope clippings in crafting is perfect for holiday crafting. All you need are some empty envelopes, scissors, glue, and a variety of paper scraps or ribbons. Cut the envelope into long strips. Fold up these strips and cut them at the top edge so they have some dimension. Glue these strips together end to end until they form a long strip like a ribbon. Then use this as a starting point for your projects!


Stamps are a creative way to add flair and personality to the handmade decor, crafty creations, and handmade crafts. They can be used on cards, in scrapbooks, on projects, or even as decor. Stamps can come in many different shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for your project.

Vintage Photographs

Vintage photographs and prints are one of the most popular types of ephemera for craft projects because they can be used in many different ways.

art projects vintage photo

Whether you want to create a collage or simply frame your favorite photos, these vintage items are perfect for giving your home a handmade decor look.

They also make great crafty creations such as photo-mosaics or scrapbooks.

Wax Stamps

You may not know that one type of ephemera is wax stamps. Wax stamps are a great way to add unique designs and prints onto paper, fabric, and even wood. Unlike rubber stamps, wax stamps require heat in order to imprint on your material.

You can purchase pre-made stamps with your desired design on them or you can make them yourself at home using a candle, some beeswax or paraffin wax, and an old jar lid or the bottom of a cream jar.


Arts and crafts are a fun way to express yourself, exercise your creativity, and get out some pent-up energy. Trinkets can be included in many crafting projects as they can act as decorations, embellishments, or accents. Remember that anything is fair game in the arts and crafts world so just let your imagination go wild!

Whether you want to create a collage or simply frame your favorite photos, these vintage items are perfect for giving your home a handmade decor look.

They also make great crafty creations such as photo-mosaics or scrapbooks.

art project

When you think about ephemera, you may envision old tickets, love letters, or other memorabilia. But there are so many creative ways to use ephemera for arts and crafts projects. Experiment with various materials and discover new ideas that inspire your next handmade craft.

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